July 16, 2021 On July 13, 2021, the new version of TRBA 213 Waste collection: protective measures, and the supplement and amendment to TRBA 214 Waste treatment and recovery facilities were published in the Joint Ministerial Gazette. Both are available for download on the BAUA website. Dr. Zeschmar-Lahl participated in the further development of the two TRBA as a member of the ABAS Subcommittee 2 and its Waste Management Working Group. New version of TRBA 213 “Waste Collection: Protective Measures” The existing TRBA 213 has been fundamentally revised and published as a new version. It applies to waste collection activities that may be associated with exposure to biological agents and describes protective measures to reduce the health hazards to employees. In addition to the scope of application, definitions, determination of information and risk assessment and protective measures, a section on occupational health services has been added. Reference: GMBl. No. 41 of July 13, 2021, p. 900-907. Additions and amendments to TRBA 214 “Facilities for the treatment and recovery of waste” The existing TRBA 214 has been supplemented in particular by Section 6 Occupational health services and Annex 3 Protective measures during the incineration of waste with the code number 18 01 03*, which arises during the care of patients with pathogens of risk group 4. Reference: GMBl. No. 41 of July 13, 2021, p. 907-911.

TRBA 213, BAUA website
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